- New Leader On-Boarding Program - Leading Self - Setting SMART Objectives - Leadership in Action - The Power of Constructive Feedback - Advanced Coaching and Feedback Skills for Sustainable Performance - Building a High Performance Team - Enhancing Diversity and DISC for Greater Results - The Art of Supervisory in Multi-Cultural Environment - Mastering Emotional Intelligence - Great Mindset for Career Growth - One-on-one Executive Coaching - Coaching and Brainstorming Workshop - Team Building Activities

Customer Service

- Customer Service Excellence Skills - The Power of Service Mind - Customer Service for Call Center - Professional Email Writing for Call Center (Non-voice) - Customer Service for Automotive Industry - Role Play Practice Workshop - Coaching and Brainstorming Workshop

Sales Performance

- Achieving Selling Skills (Basic Selling Skills) - Advanced Selling Skills - Advanced Sales Coaching and Sales Performance - Professional Presentations (Sales and Non-sales) - Managing Sales Ecosystem (Key Account Management) - Virtual and Omnichannel Selling Skills - Value Based Selling Skills - Role Play Practice Workshop - Coaching and Brainstorming Workshop - Field Coaching ***All programs can be customized in terms of content and duration ***Tailor-made programs are available upon specific requirement ***Available Online and Classroom